How can it work well?

One day a Japanese dancer visited our karate training. After her wonderful traditional dance with fans, we could ask questions and ‘favours’. We all wished to have something written with those fabulous Japanese signs. She drew characters to every kid, but only three words were repeated on the papers: attention [注意], discipline [規律], patience [忍耐].

As a child I found a little bit unusual to get these notions as advices for life. I expected funnier, lovelier, more heart-warming writings, not such admonitions for grown-ups with we were encircled in the eighties anyway. However, the mentioned values acquired a new light by the artist from a totally different culture attaching so great importance to them.

Japán nő
(Drawing: Hédi Bodor)

I think it can be well-worded by now that we became acquainted after all with both faces of discipline, attention and patience. In the society of that time and in the school within as the scene of our everyday, the negative content of these expressions dominated: accustoming to obedience. Through the karate, we understood the other meaning: not just the satisfaction of a job well done or the good result, but in a particular case our health and life depend on preciseness, concentration or timing.

I like to go my own way. I’m guided by intuitions to a great extent. Willy-nilly, I leave the beaten track several times. The point I learnt while earning degrees, language exams and gold medals and the most important I can make good use of in the competitive sector as much as in bringing up children or playing in theatre is still that without the sufficient patience, required discipline and true attention, there is no excellent achievement and there is no long-lasting success.

Gabriella Vid

ウィド ガブリエラ


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