We heal with stories

On the 4th of February, the Örkény Theatre presented ‘Joseph and His Brothers’, the play that was written from the great novel tetralogy of Thomas Mann. The moving spirit of the performance is the playscript composed by Ildikó Gáspár just as the narration and the row of reviving snapshots imagined by her.

Through this work, Ildi grew up fully to his master, Tamás Ascher, with whom she directed this nearly 5 hours long storytelling. The time we spent in the theatre paying attention to the production passed by admiringly and deeply touched. This adaptation is wonderful all over. Players and musicians were at their best, too.

About eleven at night, we prepared to leave for home affectedly. Memories of the magical visual world of the stage went with us, we remembered the characters saying wise or ironical, happy or sorrowful phrases. Our souls were healed considerably.

Joseph and His Brothers
(Idea: Gergő Nagy)

Stories told well and at the right time teach and help us to live, keep us alive, give back the joy of and the passion for life.

When the Crohn ‘introduced’ itself to my family three years ago and almost took the kindest from us along, I could do only one thing sitting next to the hospital bed – in addition to the most basic tasks to perform and the most important needs to ease –, from waking up until falling asleep I read or told stories. In the most beautiful voice of mine, with my deepest faith, the most self-evidently.

Yet the experience proved what may look or sound familiar from the novel and film ‘The Book Thief’: the infinite power of words.

Gabriella Vid


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