Four exits

I’m asked for advice many times by many people. It’s a great honour to feel their trust in my accurate valuation. Even of those who hardly know me.

It’s absolutely not easy to say what really helps and all this in the right time. You might not take others’ blame upon yourself. Everyone should find his/her own way.

However, the distress about consequences of decisions could be mitigated somewhat if I mention my ‘principle of four exits’.

As soon as we can set out in two directions, we will have at least four parting in most cases. Whether you say yes or no to an opportunity, it can happen that your previous choices will seem to be good or bad later. Not to speak about those instances when masterpieces are severely criticized and semi-finished products highly praised.

There exists not even just one entry.

Predjamski grad
(Photo: Gabriella Vid)

A lot of performers, for example, chose their profession because of their roots and family patterns, but many of those who grew up in the theatrical world wanted to do for that very reason or in spite of that anything else. Obviously, a respectable number of people won’t be actors or actresses, because they had no such experiences or their parents served as models for another jobs.

Four different paths take shape if you see that one’s career can be successful without any assistance or tail-wind, but also under the shadow of his/her ascendants, and unfortunately it’s possible to get lost not only without guidance, but with having the chance to be prepared for all the unforeseeable obstacles.

Gabriella Vid


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