Lost and rebuilt

On my way to the theatre or to the office, I drive through the Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd) of Budapest in most instances. And every time when I wait in the spanning traffic, I have time to take pleasure in the sights of the town and the whole structure of this bridge. Looking at the connection joints, my thoughts set out for wandering.

How many people took part in constructions? How many diligent, conscientious, dedicated architects, engineers, builders and workers were engaged with these wonders around me? And they all passed away with their wishes, worries, beliefs and ideas. All their skills and experiences belong to the past.

So it is. We come, be and then go. Human nature remains the same. Priorities are varying. Possibilities, tools, systems and circumstances from time to time are also changing, of course. But motive forces not. Every single person starts at the very beginning in the moment of his/her birth.

Even if someone has a very profound knowledge of something, it’s impossible to give the same amount of information with the same perceptions and considerations to descendants or followers. And no one lives forever. All our stored away research and development can be lost. Libraries may be burnt to ashes, computer networks can crumble, species and languages disappear off the face of the earth.

Retreating into or leaving the right or desired channel depends on the afore-mentioned motive forces.

Gabriella Vid

Liberty Bridge in Budapest
(Illustration: Pál Varga)

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